ChainPort & Fantom Maker Giveaway

To celebrate our first IDO with Non-holder allocation we will giveaway

for that will promote Fantom Maker and Chainport via social.

Top promoters will not only get a chance to participate in ChainPort IDO but will also receive $50+$50 each of $FAME & $PORTX tokens as airdrop!

Please note that we will personally check the Gleam entries.
Selected users will have the opportunity to purchase $PORTX allocation on Fantom Maker Launchpad.

A % of total Launchpad allocation will be reserved for Non-Holder and distributed via social task promotion (Gleam Campaign) for the most active supporters!

Even if you are not a $FAME holder, you will get a chance to participate in IDOs by promoting ChainPort And Fantom Maker on social media.

This guarantees access to projects with no risk required.


Non-Holder Allocation

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  2. ​-
  6. (e.g Metamask No Exchange Wallet)

Unleash your creativity, quote or comment on the tweet by tagging your friends, USE The Hashtag: #FAME #PORTX #IDO.

Generate engagement with your post to grab a seat in ChainPort IDO and win an airdrop of 100$ of both tokens

Join the Gleam Now

Non-Holder Allocation on ChainPort IDO will be MAX 100$ per wallet.

More info After the registration Phase

United States, China, Canada, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Bahamas, Belarus, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Join project socials and complete the Gleam to be a part of the ChainPort IDO


Fantom Maker is designed to be the strongest yield product on Fantom blockchain. Fantom Maker ties traditional yield farming with launchpad opportunities, creating a single platform to both farm and participate in the best Fantom launches. The launchpad is a tierless system. Every holder will get a part of the allocation of the projects. This ensures a flattened but assured yield for all.



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