ChainPort Token Distribution

We are approaching ChainPort TGE after waiting a few months.

The total raise in Fantom is approx. 100,000 FTM around $150,000.

As you know the move to collect FTM tokens came just a few minutes before the IDO launch (planned in USDC)

This occurred due to a developer’s change to avoid bugs being caused by the network.

However, the swap in Stable coins never took place, as in the following days after the IDO, FTM tokens dropped by -25%/-30%, leading to a negative exchange price compared with the amount collected.

At the time of writing FTM price is $0.24 — about -80%

We were surprised by the sudden market crash, but we firmly believe that our choices are made solely in the interest of our community and the success of the FAME Project.

We will act in this way to safeguard users’ funds and our community.
Fantom Maker will compensate for the loss by using the treasury, part of the team’s tokens and liquidity.

You will find your allocation in the link below.


$PORTX tokens will be sent directly to your wallet short after listing on Fantom Network.

Follow the announcements channel for Listing updates



Token: $PORTX
Total Supply:

◾️Contract: TBA

DEX-CEX Listing September 20th, 2022:
PancakeSwap, UniSwap, SpookySwap — Gate_io

ChainPort is currently one of the best multi-chain bridges and has established itself as one of the biggest and safest in the space, opening up the door to fast, easy, and secure interoperability.

ChainPort’s public and private rounds were a massive success, with $14M raised in Private & Public Rounds.

Learn more about roadmap update

$PORTX Token Contract


Release and Metrics

Conclusion and Update

We are confident that the FAME IDOs will bring great results in terms of investment.

FantomMaker is working further on a new Launchpad version with multi-chain functionality, LPs staking platform and other new features that will be unveiled as soon as the general market sentiment turns positive.
This will benefit the long-term holders and those who believe in the success of the project.

We are grateful for your understanding.

Fantom Maker Team



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