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3 min readNov 16, 2021


At Fantom Maker, we place a strong emphasis on collaboration to ensure our team is always working towards a common goal. Whilst we like to have a good time, we also know how to work pretty hard, to make a change in this industry for our users and ourselves. It’s what drives our motivation and passion to keep achieving and delivering more every day.

Our incredible Team knows how to Overdeliver

-Previously launched and advised successful utility token projects
-A physical presence across Europe
-Proven expertise within the core business disciplines of technology, blockchain strategy, finance, marketing product design, and business management
-Previously launched and advised successful global businesses
-Vertical market expertise

-Team Member-

Maurizio Esposito — CEO

Founder and Owner of Halvings Capital

Maurizio is a non-stop businessman who has set up and built several successful businesses, expert in Online Marketing Content and Social Media spent the majority of his teen life playing Professional Poker. Having played 350K+ Sit n Go (SNG) poker matches and garnered a 3% ROI after Rakeback, he understands how to play the chips. Having understood how the Crypto market works and what impacts the returns in the Crypto market, the key is to identify & back high potential projects at an early stage. With all the experience garnered over the years, we created a four-step investment formula:

Study + Connect + Invest + Scale

Implementing the above formula, Halvings capital community-identified 70+ projects from its inception and invested over $10M+ with an average ROI of 11.55X

Maurizio has broad experience working with startup founders on strategy, networking, fundraising, and deal sourcing that’s why he decided to build a launchpad with his team that could fairly incubate and develop projects on the Fantom network.

David Braut — Co-Founder

David Braut has many years of experience in managing and consulting in large and complex IT projects both for the government and the fortune 500 companies. Notably, David Braut co-founded Themis, which is the first DeFi lending and borrowing protocol based on NFTs with a financial value starting with UNI V3 positions.

Harsha Cuttari — CTO

Harsha is a blockchain evangelist who currently leads the development and technical strategy for Fantom Maker where he is working to build strong product foundations and data-backed usability. Before Fantom Maker, he founded Kroleo Studios — an early adopter of blockchain development services. With in-depth knowledge and experience in developing and maintaining various applications in Fintech, Gaming, etc., he has led several marketing campaigns including online strategy consulting, for clients large and small around the world. His previous clients include NASA and other government entities. Since its incorporation, Kroleo has grown to become a full-service agency and has worked with over 100+ startups and enterprise clients to help them launch, brand/ rebrand, and fundraise. He also leads a team of four additional devs to make sure Fantom Maker will have all innovative features.

Eugene Chygyryn — CMO

Eugene Chygyryn is our CMO. He has a lot of experience in building communities, analyzing crypto projects, and creating content. He is also the founder of Quora Inner Circle, Quora’s #1 community with over 90k members across all groups. He’s known for adopting early projects like ENJ, CHZ, AAVE, THETA, and helping scale GET, PRE to 100+m in market cap. He leads an additional team of 5 people.

Sam — CM

Sam is a skilled community manager with over 1+ years of experience in successfully growing strong local communities. He brings the know-how of teamwork and organization to ensure the success of the Fantom Maker community. You’ll often see him on Telegram and other social media. His incredible passion for Technology and cryptocurrencies led him to Halvings Capital where, under the wing of founder Maurizio, he started to focus more on the world of private sales and discovering new projects.

We are dedicated to building a reliable, secure, and fair fundraising platform that empowers you. Where you can safely learn, discover, participate, build, create and engage in new projects in the crypto world. Where you have security and privacy. Where you are safe when interacting with others. Where this future of digital fundraising is available to everyone.


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