Fantom Maker Launchpad Features

Fantom Maker
4 min readMar 12, 2022


Are you ready to get into the Fantom Network Revolution?

Fantom Maker is at the launchpad on the forefront of Fantom’s startup boom!

What makes Fantom particularly exciting is the level of wealth distribution in its boom.

A wealthy, large addressable market of retail attracts founders, developers, and entrepreneurs who want to develop a wide array of solutions. This is fertile ground for an ecosystem launchpad. Notably, a launchpad played a primary role in the diversification events of all other layer-1. Fantom Maker is a flagship Fantom launchpad, with combined functions of token sales, NFT offerings, and yield farming, open for everyone!

How the Platform Works

Allocations guaranteed for everyone:

Our creed is the community. As we did with Halvings before, we will now propose to do it again with Fantom Maker. Community first. In the projects launched on Fantom Maker, even smallholders will have the opportunity to buy IDO allocations.

How? In the following way

Fantom Maker offers guaranteed allocations for all token holders.

Like other launchpad platforms, users holding more tokens will get larger allocations, however, we operate on a scaling system that distributes each allocation proportionally among $FAME holders based on the size of their holdings.

Thanks to this system, Fantom Maker allows even smallholders to receive allocations, helping to minimize barriers to entry while allowing everyone to participate in early-stage Fantom-based project launches.

Only KYC’ed $FAME Stakeholders will be able to register in the IDOs on Fantom Maker Launchpad.

-Users must be registered to use the staking platform.-

Users will face 2 fees charges

  • 50 $FTM — IDO registration fees, (which will be refunded after purchase)

Each Sale has a Registration fee (50 $FTM) which will be refunded upon token purchase. Anyone who registers and doesn’t complete the payment process will lose their registration fee, which will be distributed to the Staking pool as a reward for $FAME Stake-holders. ($FAME Buyback)

  • 1%Deposit Staking Fees which will be distributed to the Staking pool as a reward for $FAME Stake-holders.

STAKING COOLDOWN — Early Un-stake Fee

Registration for a new IDO triggers a 21-day cooldown period.

Stakeholders (registered for IDO) who want to un-stake their $FAME before the Cooldown period will have to pay a linear fee starting at 15% of the total amount of FAME deposited.


Fees 15% linear 21 days.

PercentToTake = timeLeft x (postSaleWithdrawPenaltyPercent) / (postSaleWithdrawPenaltyLength)

$FAME Early un-staking Fees (21 Days of cooldown) Un-staking before the cooldown period entails a fee which will be deducted from staked $FAME.

While participating in IDOs, your Staked $FAME earns yield.

Reward unlock rates in the staking pool are gradually released to reduce selling pressure and make the platform more sustainable.

$FAME Pool Emission Rate
0.1 $FAME per Second

Staking Rewards will be provided as follows

  • 1% $FAME Staking deposit Fees
  • Un-purchased allocation fees
  • Early-Unstake Fees

APY generated will be dynamic, as it is backed and boosted by staking/un-staking fees and $FTM fee from un-purchased allocations. (used to perform a $FAME buyback from open market and then added as staking pool rewards)

User Allocation

The allocation per user will be different for each new IDO.
In fact, the distribution system needs to be balanced across 3 factors that will determine the individual allocation.

User allocation is estimated as follows

  • Total Launchpad allocation
  • Registered participants for the sale
  • Amount of $FAME staked

The more you stake, the more you earn the more allocation you can get!

Anti-Whale System

Example of how Antiwhale-System works

Anti whale system is a pioneer designed by the Fantom Maker team with the mind of the community. As the example chart has shown, there are the dynamic tier systems where each tier has a rate of decrease in the allocation towards the IDO.

In other words, if you hold more than a determined amount of $FAME tokens, your access to project allocations will decrease proportionally. This rate of decrease is dynamic and can change project to project based on economic Stats and other criteria.

  • Total Staked $FAME
  • Registered users and amount of $FAME Holding
  • Total Allocation

Then anti-whale determines the tiers and the rate of decrease.

Non-Holder Allocation

A % of total Launchpad allocation will be reserved for Non-Holder and distributed via social task promotion for the most active supporters! (eg. Gleam Campaign) Even if you are not a $FAME holder, you will get a chance to participate in IDOs by promoting the projects on social media. This guarantees access to their projects with no risk required.

The allocation rate for NON-Holders will be revealed before each sale.


Fantom Maker is designed to be the strongest yield product on Fantom blockchain. Fantom Maker ties traditional yield farming with launchpad opportunities, creating a single platform to both farm and participate in the best Fantom launches. The launchpad is a tierless system. Every holder will get a part of the allocation of the projects. This ensures a flattened but assured yield for all.