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4 min readMar 4, 2022


Fantom Maker IDO #2: Excalibur

$FAME holder Snapshot!

Hold your $FAME and get a spot on Excalibur Liquidity Events

$FAME holders (Snapshot) buying tiers, as follows

  • 0–9999 $FAME up to 4k Allocation
  • 10k-100K $FAME up to 7.5k Allocation
  • 100K+ $FAME up to 15k Allocation

Users need to HOLD $FAME to take part in IDO. ( No stake Needed)

A snapshot will be taken at a random time, $FAME Holders will be whitelisted to join Excalibur Token fair launch.

Random snapshot will be taken before 5th March 23:00 UTC

Excalibur’s fair launch initial liquidity event

Start: March 5, 2022

End: March 8, 2022

Hold $FAME in a EVM Wallet (Metamask)

$FAME Centralized Exchange holder will not be counted!!!

During the Fair Launch , you will contribute with FTM and receive

$EXC-$FTM LP tokens in the equivalent value of the investment.

Excalibur Exchange


Excalibur is a Fantom-native DeFi development. Its core products include the first-ever referral-sharing & revenue-sharing AMM, pluggable liquidity, and project-owned liquidity.
The project is pluggable to any web media, meaning any website on Earth can turn its traffic into traders, earn referrals on it, and share its earnings to the Excalibur treasury.
It’s on-platform DEX is supported by the powerful Terra community, with 13+ million votes giving platform UST grants for user incentives, as covered on Binance news.

  • 1st DEX On Fantom with custom SwapFees
  • ️Boost your Yield with “Time Vault Staking”
  • $UST Gateway for FANTOM
  • Referral Programs
  • Dividends
  • DAO Treasury & Bonding

Go-To-Market strategy

Utilizing a Fair Launch Liquidity Event to trigger interest, increase attention, liquidity, and volume for DEX.

Excalibur has established a series of launch week collaborations including swap aggregators, yield aggregators and most notably a governance proposal blessed by the Terra Labs team live on their governance to work together to push adoption of UST into the Fantom ecosystem. The collaboration includes liquidity incentives from Terra Labs and extensive collaboration with the aim to make UST-FTM and UST-USDC the deepest liquidity pairs on Fantom.

To incentivize long-term staking a mechanism enabling users to lock every deposit they make for up to 30 days. The longer you lock your LPs, the more bonus rewards you’ll earn.
Multiple simultaneous locks with different durations can also be set, allowing you to set up appropriate strategies.

Product Viability

The Team has created a partnership-centric approach, working with Launchpads, yield aggregators, swap aggregators, and a robust trade mining and referral system to help drive ongoing growth, letting us not limit ourselves to single tools.

The time-locked reward system for liquidity will also create a level of stability as the project scale and stabilize.

Product Roadmap

The product is launched fully conceived but the majority of the remaining roadmap relates to:

  • Integrations with aggregators
  • Once stabilized handing over great control to governance
  • Integrating a bribe system to allow additional incentivization of pools

Revenue Streams

Swap fees from trading are the primary income source. The second return is returns generated from bonded assets.

Token Economy (Token Utility)

EXC: rewarded to liquidity providers in non-exc pairs

GRAIL: a yield generating Governance token, which earns dividends daily from the distribution of swap fees generated across Excalibur plus the initial pre-sale proceeds.

Token Distribution

The entire initial distribution of 1m tokens will be placed into the EXC-FTM liquidity pool with such tokens being distributed to presale participants. So 100% of the tokens and liquidity are decentralized from the start. There will be no GRAIL at launch

Token Release Schedule

The total supply of EXC + Grail is targeted to reach 3m by the end of the first month (1.5m EXC + 1.5m Grail).

Final emission rates could be adjusted based on raise

All fundraising at the same price, “Based on the total amount raised”

During the Fair Launch , you will contribute with FTM and receive
$EXC-$FTM LP tokens in the equivalent value of the investment.


Terra Labs — DextForce / Dextool — Thor Starter — Fantom Maker — Fantom Oasis


Excalibur will initially be listed on its own exchange and is open to the listing of EXC and/or GRAIL on additional exchanges if it will help the growth of the project.


The listing will be 48 hours after the completion of the Fair Launch Liquidity Event.



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