How to Buy $FAME on Spookyswap

Fantom Maker
3 min readMar 3, 2022

Hey fantom Makers!! It’s finally happening👻

$FAME Trading will begin on the 4th of March (Friday), 14 PM UTC

$FAME will go live on Spookyswap &

Gate Link:

How to buy $FAME on SpookySwap?

$FAME Contract Address (Fantom FRC20):


If you already how to buy on DEX, you can go direct to spooky by following this Link:

For those who aren’t familiar with DEX: Follow these Guidelines to know how to buy $FAME on SpookySwap!

We recommend using a MetaMask wallet, HERE you can find an explanatory guide on how to set up your MetaMask wallet for Fantom Opera Network.

1 — Go to:

2 — Press ‘Connect Wallet’

3 — We recommend using MetaMask Wallet. It works smoothly with Fantom Maker Launchpad

4 — Press on the token you want to start “FROM” — $USDC/$USDT in this case, you can find it in the list. (Trading pair TBA)

5— Press on the token you want TO swap (Second Field) — and enter token Address

$FAME Contract: 0x904f51a2e7eeaf76aaf0418cbaf0b71149686f4a

and ADD Token.

5 — Confirm and continue

6 — Enter an amount and Buy $FAME

DONE!!! Now You’re a $FAME holder ready to join the Fantom Revolution!!

How to see $FAME in your Metamask wallet:

Open your Metamask wallet and click on “IMPORT TOKENS”

Enter $FAME Contract adress: 0x904f51a2e7eeaf76aaf0418cbaf0b71149686f4a

And press on “ADD TOKEN”


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