Tank Wars Zone IDO & Listing

How to Claim $WBOND Token

We have successfully concluded the first IDO on Fantom Maker!
We would like to thank all participants who contributed to the first sale on our Launchpad, we are impressed by the result!
As we expected we experienced some glitches on the platform, someone had difficulties processing the deposit, we promptly supported each of you one by one. Network congestion didn’t facilitate the process, but we managed to overcome the 1st stress test. The KYC service provider will be switched as the verification policy is too complex and has caused excessive lags.

Sales details:
Total Raised: $200.000 $MIM
Registered members: 1000

$WBOND Public round price & vesting schedule

Price $0,02;
Lock-Up 50% TGE, 3-month lock-in, then 50% vesting for the fourth month.
$WBOND Total supply : 1,000,000,000

🔗WBOND Token Contract Address

Use cases: Utility token for voting, trading tanks, NFTs, equipment, booster fluids, and staking.

SpookySwap: 23th Jan 10 AM UTC

MEXC: 23th Jan 1PM UTC ,

How to Claim $WBOND

On Listing day, there will be a claiming dashboard on Tank Wars Website for IDO purchasers to log in and claim tokens.

All IDO participants will be able to claim their vested token directly from the website on Jan 23 from this link:


Claim available on Tank Wars claiming portal: Jan 23, 11:30 AM UTC

  1. Set your wallet on Fantom Opera

2. Connect the wallet you contributed for $WBOND sale on Fantom Maker to https://claim.tankwars.zone/
(For Mobile users, copy-paste this link in your wallet browser)

3. If everything has been done properly, you will see your current portfolio status. Token locked amount, distribution plan, and “CLAIM” button to reclaim tokens purchased in IDO.

The processor should not take more than a few seconds,

Please make sure you have $FTM in your wallet for transaction fees.

If not here you have a $FTM faucet covering gas fees.

How to see $WBOND in your wallet

  1. Open Metamask and select “IMPORT TOKENS”.

2. Copy & paste WBOND Token Contract Address

wait a few seconds until the wallet detects all info and press “ ADD CUSTOM TOKEN”


Listing Time:

SpookySwap: 23th Jan 10AM UTC
MEXC: 23th Jan 1PM UTC ,

How to use Spookyswap dex: https://docs.spookyswap.finance/products/exchange

More INFO about Tank Wars Zone Listing and Price https://tankwarszone.medium.com/tank-wars-zone-ido-ieo-tge-schedule-update-926930ba9b91


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