Tank Wars Zone IDO

Fantom Maker x Tank Wars Zone IDO Whitelist

Finally, it’s time to join the 1st IDO on Fantom Maker!
Given that FAME is not listed and this project will list before $ FAME we will host an IDO with the same rules as our own IDO.

A Gleam campaign, and a lottery.
We will still use antibot measures. We will not use our launchpad features because we have to list FAME to do it. We will start using them after our listing.

Tank Wars Zone $WBOND token IDO/IEO launch Date

FantomMaker — January 21, 14:00 UTC

Platform Raise $200.000
Whitelist spots available 2,000
400 $FAME whitelisted winners will get automatically whitelisted in Thank Wars Zone IDO (FCFS Round)
1600 spots from Gleam Competition Winner

All Whitelist winners will have the opportunity to join in the FCFS round January 21, 14:00 UTC on Fantom Maker

Allocation size: 200$
Purchase token: $MIM
Numbers of Users 1000

$200 allocation of the $WBOND Tokens for 1000 users in FCFS mode from 2000 whitelisted users.

Whitelist Winner announcement: Jan 20th 22:00 UTC

MaticLaunch — January 18, 8:30 UTC
-GameStation — January 18, 16:00 UTC
-Babylons — January 20, 12:00 UTC
-GamiWorld — January 21, 12:00 UTC

MEXC — January 22, TBA
-Initial token supply — 63M WBOND
-Initial market cap — $1,260,000 USD.

Public round price & vesting schedule
-Price $0,02;
-Lock-Up 50% TGE, 3-month lock-in, then 50% vesting for the fourth month.

TGE Date & Time
TGE on Jan 23,10 AM UTC

WBOND Token Contract Address

Process for claiming tokens
At TGE, there will be a claiming dashboard on Tank Wars Website for purchasers to log in and claim tokens.
All IDO participants will be able to claim their vested token directly from the website on Jan 23 from this link: https://claim.tankwars.zone/

Claim available on Tank Wars claiming portal: Jan 23, 11:30 AM UTC

Exchange listing
TGE Jan 23
SpookySwap DEX listing: Jan 23, 10 AM UTC
Cex Listing: MEXC. Jan 23, 1 PM UTC

About Tank Wars Zone
Play-To-Earn Game

Tank Wars Zone is an exciting and visually refreshing action game. With various gameplays, you can play solo, or gather your friends, form a team, and battle with others while being able to earn money just by playing or staking your NFTs.

Tank Wars Zone is a 3D turn-based strategy game using NFT and blockchain technology, where players can own, assemble and command a fleet of tanks, to dominate battlefields!

Powered by Fantom Blockchain Technology, in-game NFTs and Characters have real value with the lowest transaction cost, and numerous players worldwide can play them. It’s fun to play and a way to earn!
There is a lot of choices for gamers, such as PvE and NFTs. Players can spend time playing to earn with numerous gameplay modes or stake their NFTs Tank and earn while sleeping.


  • PVE The game adopts a control-free turn-based battle system and players will need at least one tank to start a battle.
    There will be three types of battlegrounds as follows: 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. 1v1 will be the lowest token you can earn, and the highest one will be 5v5 battles as we plan out for all players to participate in Tank Wars Ecosystem.
  • PvE World Boss To bring a better gaming experience to participating players, we will have a world boss battle for all players around the world every day, week, and month.
  • PvP battles will require players a minimum of three tanks and come with 3v3 battles only. Three game battle mechanics will be released, which are Puzzle Solving, First Person Shooter (FPS), and Rock-Paper-Scissors style of play. Additional modes will be added over time. By winning a match, players will earn experience, tokens, and ranking points for world leader ranking.

Other game modes in development are Guild Wars, Tank Championship, Battle Royale.


White Paper: https://tankwars.zone/Tankwars-zone-Whitepaper.pdf


Fantom Maker is designed to be the strongest yield product on Fantom blockchain. Fantom Maker ties traditional yield farming with launchpad opportunities, creating a single platform to both farm and participate in the best Fantom launches. The launchpad is a tierless system. Every holder will get a part of the allocation of the projects. This ensures a flattened but assured yield for all.




A Fair Launchpad on Fantom

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Fantom Maker

A Fair Launchpad on Fantom

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